TV: The Next Generation

Video on the web was a dominant topic at this panel, which focused on what’s next for video content. Despite being in its infancy, web video is here to stay. Its taken the advertising industry a few years to catch up, but now major companies like Budweiser are dedicating serious dollars to invest in television programming online. Many other companies, if they’re not starting their own dedicated websites to exclusive, original content, are at least taking online videos on third party sites (like Revision3 for example) seriously. The question is can the traditional TV buying system media companies use work on the web? The answer is more no than yes.

Even taking a further step back, advertisers in general are still stuck on the “click through” (i.e. banner ad) methods. Sure YouTube is being scoured for the next Ask A Ninja but it’s getting a lot harder now that more and more general users are becoming sophisticated with video technology.

The one thing that can transcend all the dollars and the numbers, thankfully, still seems to be honesty, trust and creativity. Some companies might be hesitant to create a video and put it out onto third party websites like YouTube or BitTorrent, thus leaving it out of their control. But as long as their content is meaningful and fresh, it doesn’t matter where people find it. Users will go back to the original source to see what’s new.

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